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Congratulations to Successful Labour NEC Candidates!

The Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance was backed by Momentum and the LRC.

The results of the Labour Party’s 2016 National Executive Committee elections have been announced and the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance – a slate consisting of Jeremy Corbyn supporters Rhea Wolfson, Peter Willsman, Claudia Webbe, Christine Shawcroft, Ann Black and Darren Williams – won all six Constituency Labour Party seats in a huge boost for the incumbent leader.

I voted for all of these candidates and am thrilled they have been elected to the NEC. I’m 100% sure they will make fantastic representatives and would like to wish them a heartfelt congratulations!

Alice Perry and Nick Forbes were also elected to represent local councillors on the NEC. I am not currently in any form of local government so could not vote for these candidates, but I am incredibly happy for them nonetheless.

NEC Results:

National Executive Committee – Division III (Constituency Labour Parties) result (6 to elect)

BLACK, Ann – 100,999 votes – Elected
SHAWCROFT, Christine- 97,510 votes – Elected
WEBBE, Claudia 92,377 votes – Elected
WILLIAMS, Darren 87,003 votes – Elected
WOLFSON, Rhea 85,687 votes – Elected
WILLSMAN, Peter 81,863 votes – Elected
REEVES, Ellie 72,514 votes
IZZARD, Eddie 70,993 votes
BAILEY, Bex 67,205 votes
BAXTER, Johanna 60,367 votes
DHANDA, Parmjit 53,838 votes
AKEHURST, Luke 48,632 votes
WHEELER, Peter 44,062 votes
GALLAGHER, John 22,678 votes
GUL, Amanat 14,693 votes

National Executive Committee – Division IV (Local Government) result (2 to elect)

PERRY, Alice 2,991 votes – Elected
FORBES, Nick 2,510 votes – Elected
BOTHAM, Andy 480 votes
BROWN, Matthew 377 votes
BOLTON, David 332 votes
DAVIES, Warren 261 votes